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The Westchester Chapter is one of the largest chapters of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated and was founded by 12 families on September 25, 1954 at the home of Mrs. Viola Walters.  The chapter now includes almost 100  families and over 130 children and is organized into five groups based on the children's age.  We strive to enrich our members-families  with  a sustained common purpose by participating in rich civic,  legislative, cultural, leadership, recreational and social activities.

We are very proud of the pioneers who actively sought membership in the illustrious organization known as Jack and Jill of America, Inc. On behalf of all 12 families that began this herstory in Westchester County on September 25, 1954, Jesse Adams, Leticia Brown, Lois Bailor, Lois Black, Mae Carey, Johnnye English, Sarah Grey, Helen Mason, Vera Randolph (President), Mae Robinson, Mabel Smith, and Viola Waters, we appreciate their enduring commitment that has carried us through many generations. They gathered to commence in a purposeful journey enveloped within the spirit of sisterhood. The Fifth National President, Nellie G. Roulhac, installed the Westchester County Chapter, NY.


After 67 years of service, we can only hope to eagerly fulfill the vision of our charter members as they sought to make a shining difference in the lives of dedicated men, women, children, and teens. Since that time many monumental historical events in our community, we have grown to almost 100 member-families with a sustained common purpose. We strive to enrich our members in rich civic, legislative, cultural, leadership, recreational, and social activities. We especially make a commitment to serving other families in need of care and support. We have made numerous contributions and engaged in community service activities throughout the years.


We celebrate the numerous members for their countless hours spent serving at the local, Regional, and National level. At the Twenty-Ninth National Convention in a gathering on July 15-25, 1990 in Memphis, Tennessee, Nellie Thornton was elected the 14th National President. She went on to be re-elected at the Thirtieth National Convention. She was present at the resigning of the Civil Rights Bill in 1991 at the White House as an invited participant by President George Bush. We are very proud to embrace the legacy of National President Nellie Thornton and many other chapter members who sought to make a difference. In recent years, we are grateful that the granddaughter of Barbara Abele— an original charter member of the Philadelphia Chapter—served as a member. We are proud of the 2014 election of the 24th National President, Tammy King, who hails from the Bergen-Passaic chapter in the Eastern Region.  


Our mission is to create a medium of contact for children that will stimulate their growth and development through the years. The Westchester Chapter is honored to be a part of the Mighty Eastern Region. We look forward to 65 more years of commitment and dedication to our sisterhood in fostering long-term friendships and family bonds. 

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