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Jack and Jill of America: Eastern Region 
CT • DC • DE • MD • MA • NJ • NY • PA • N.VA


Greetings on behalf of the 59 dynamic chapters of the Mighty East. I am honored to serve as the 22nd Regional Director of Eastern Region.

It was in 1938, that our premier organization was founded in the Mighty East. For over 80 years we have been affecting the lives of children, making them thoughtful, philanthropic, and civically engaged leaders. We want every mother, child, teen, father and Associate to see our organization as the place where they can release their power within and help transform our communities and country.

The region’s theme for 2019-2021 is EMPOWERING FAMILIES FOR SUCCESS.

The Eastern Region has a wealth of experience that continues to serve our organization well. The regional executive board looks forward to working with every family as we embrace our purpose through service, while always remembering to put our children’s needs first. Long Live Jack & Jill!

 ~ Melinda Alexis-Hayes 

Eastern Regional Director, Jack and Jill of America,Inc.

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